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The need for Pharmacovigilance initiatives targeting especially the private sector drug outlets that dispense a plethora of drugs can never be over emphasised. Therefore VxMedSS aims to contribute  to bridging this gap by setting up a community based surveillance platform for pharmacovigilance in both private and public health facilities in rural Uganda.

We striving to achieve this through

Training of Health care workers

Training of all stake holders in the private and Public health facilities, inclusive of these are

  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Clinical teams.

Community Engagement and dialogue

Involvement of the community both within their localities and at the health center is carried out through

  • Educational Health talks
  • Mass Sensitization activities such as radio talks
  • Dissemination of information

Casualty assessment and signal detection

  • Setting up of a Safety panel
  • Use of data mining methods to detect associations and patterns
  • Empowering Adverse Drug Events reporting to regulators at health facility ,health worker and patient level.